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Landscape Lighting Trends for 2023!

Potted Luck Landscaping loves everything encompassing making a house a home. One of the VERY key parts of a completed landscape project is the lighting that shows it all off! We are very excited to bring you a few trending outdoor lighting options for 2023 and how YOU can incorporate them into your current or future project. Have a moment before you dive in? Take a peek at our landscape lighting design services page!


Smart Outdoor Light Systems

There are so many reasons why we love this smart outdoor lighting trend. To start, smart outdoor lighting can make life very easy. All the installers need to do is connect the main control to any outlet, and you can Bluetooth or smart connect your way to control your lights. The convenience of managing your lighting from the palm of your hand is unparalleled. You can use various apps and programs that suit your needs. And these aren’t your regular fluorescent lights that hook up to any lighting outlet. These smart bulbs allow you to not only dim and brighten but can also be used to change the color to your mood and/or season. For instance, you might have a lighting scheme that is set for a dinner party with brighter lighting so that everyone can see one another (and what they’re eating).

But if you are having a more intimate, immediate family gathering, perhaps you just want a handful of lights to come on…and maybe you want them dimmed, particularly if you are going to be spending time by a fire feature. Smart outdoor lighting systems also offer a great security option that is a coinciding trend for 2023! Smart systems have features like motion sensors and scheduled lighting that you can control via a mobile app or voice commands. These features are invaluable when you’re away from home to deter intruders, and they also help save on energy costs!

As technology advances, compromising your property’s security doesn’t have to be an option anymore. With the installation of smart security systems, you’ll be able to protect your home with motion sensors, scheduled lighting, and other safety features. You can even turn your home’s exterior lighting on or off when you’re away traveling. The peace of mind you get from a smart outdoor lighting system is worth it's weight in gold! We are expecting to see a lot of this trend in the year to come!


Sustainable Lighting

Saving money should always be trendy, but we're excited for the eco-friendly part of this big trend for 2023! It's time to say goodbye to your old bulbs! More and more homeowners are looking for lighting solutions that are kinder to the planet and their wallets. LED lights are popular for a good reason, as they are the most sustainable and energy-efficient option on the market. Although they may seem like a costly investment initially, they help save on energy bills and are more durable than halogen lamps and incandescent bulbs, which will be banned in the US in August of 2023.

LED bulbs are much safer and sturdier than regular lighting. Using LED bulbs reduces the risk of combustion during those long, dry summer months because they burn much cooler than traditional light bulbs. LED bulbs are also more weather resistant as they're manufactured using strong epoxy instead of glass. And for those of you that struggle with attracting every mosquito in a 20 mile radius, LED light won't attract bugs like regular lights do, allowing you to have pest-free summer nights. Seeing that more than 50% of the global lighting market uses LEDs and more laws are being passed restricting access to less energy-efficient and sustainable lighting, LEDs are here for the future.

When used in smart lighting systems and/or solar-powered lights, LEDs can significantly reduce your electric bill. If we can bring you a beautiful outdoor landscape and complete it with stunning sustainable lighting that will save you money, we consider that a win-win-win scenario.


Fabulous and Functional Pathway Lighting

We love the idea that Potted Luck Landscaping is setting up the lighting that will "bring you home" or "show you the way", while providing the comfort that you can see every step on the way. Pathway lighting is used to illuminate areas where you need to navigate safely at night, but they also help to enhance your outdoor spaces and add a nice finishing touch to your landscape lighting design. Whether it’s post lights, step lights, or outdoor sconces, illuminating your pathway is a step you cannot skip when planning your outdoor lighting in 2023! One of our favorite ways to light a walkway is with downlighting. Trees often make a perfect spot to mount lights and shine them on the ground below. This can be an excellent way to light up a path so that people can see exactly where they are going. Downlighting is sometimes also called “moonlighting,” because it creates a similar lighting effect to the moon. Light is cast downward and washes over a space. It can be a more subtle and attractive way for lighting pathways.

Another great option for pathway lighting is the addition of wall lighting. Lights can be built into the wall and shine downward to illuminate that part of the pathway. Your path can be as unique as you! Whether it’s a stretch of pavement that leads to your apartment building or a pathway to your personal backyard pool, landscaping lights are essential for making nighttime navigation safe...and aesthetically pleasing!

We are excited about the many landscape lighting trends coming in 2023 and the finished products we will deliver in the coming months. Smart Outdoor Lighting, Sustainable Lighting, and Functional Pathway Lighting systems are just a few of the bubbling trends we expect to see in 2023. What are you looking for in an outdoor lighting system to bring your oasis to life? Let us know!


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