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Commercial building with beautiful landscaping managed by potted luck landscape in carlisle pa

Commercial Lawn Care & Landscaping

in Carlisle, PA only

What Our Clients Say...

Potted Luck removed and cleaned up a large and messy hedge row. The job was done very professionally and in a timely manner with skill and care for the rest of the property. Elmer and his crew were pleasant, friendly, and a real pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend them to those looking for commercial lawn care and landscaping services as well as the many other services they provide. Their costs are reasonable and in line with the industry, but most importantly, they do outstanding work.

Charles | Carlisle, PA

Cracked Concrete Wall

Commercial Landscaping & Lawn Care
in Carlisle

Landscaping team of potted luck landscape installing new plants and removing shrubs in front of Keen, Inc. in Carlisle PA
Beautiful commercial landscaping in Carlisle PA

Commercial Lawn Care Services

To maintain a green, full, and healthy business lawn, meticulous care and regular maintenance are essential. Neglected yards can become dry, patchy, and overrun with weeds, which can be detrimental to your business's professional image. By scheduling regular maintenance with us, you can ensure that the outside of your business looks pleasant and professional at all times.

Our company offers commercial contracts for both landscape maintenance and landscape lighting, ensuring that your business property receives comprehensive and reliable care. Trust us to provide top-notch services that will keep your business lawn in optimal condition.

Spring Cleaning & Fall Cleaning

Potted Luck Landscape can prepare your lawn for spring by removing dead leaves and debris to pave the way for a healthy, green lawn. Our regular fall cleaning services, which include trimming and raking, can take care of keeping your grounds clean and well-maintained, preparing your landscaping for the winter season.

Mowing, Lawn Care & Turf Enhancements

Our precision mowers reflect our commitment to keeping your commercial grass neat, even, and beautiful throughout the year. Our professional and affordable lawn care services include regular treatments such as fertilization, aeration, top dressing, and dethatching to keep your lawn green and lush. In addition, we offer services such as seeding, flower arrangements, mulching, and sodding to enhance the overall appearance of your lawn. 

Professional Lawn Care Services

While we do not offer lawn care services for residential homes, we do offer commercial lawn care for businesses only in Carlisle, PA. Our weekly maintenance program ensures that your facility looks its best throughout the year, with services including grass trimming and treatment, bed mulching and weeding, and keeping trees, shrubs, and plants in pristine condition.

> Grass fertilization & cutting
> Leaf collection & removal

> Tree & shrub trimming

> Insect & disease control
> Soil quality restoration
> Irrigation installation
> Seeding & treating grass
> Weeding & mulching beds

University building in Carlisle PA with commercial landscaping services recently provided by Potted Luck Landscape
beautiful flowers blooming during the spring in Carlisle PA
bed and breakfast in carlisle pa with a beautifully manicured lawn - done by Potted Luck Landscape
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