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Beautiful, Low Maintenance Landscape Design Solutions

What Our Clients Say...

Elmer and his crew did a fantastic job. They are very hard workers and completed the work in one day. Elmer is a true pro when it comes to creative design landscaping! He guided us on what would be most functional and look great! The final product is awesome! We will definitely have Potted Luck back to do some more landscaping projects for us!

Lore | Camp Hill, PA

large custom metal planter box with unique floral installation for a camp hill pa client

Local Landscape Designers

Modern landscape design involves arranging and modifying outdoor features to enhance urban or rural spaces. Our professional landscape design and installation services provide lasting enjoyment to our clients year-round.


Our process begins with a consultation and can develop into a complete 3D design, allowing you to visualize the final result of your residential or commercial landscaping project.

Cracked Concrete Wall

Landscaping Design as Unique
as You

Custom Luxury Landscape Design featuring hardscaping, stones, and a firepit done for a client in Mechanicsburg PA

Luxury Landscape Design Services

With every project, we stretch our creativity, spot distinct characteristics in your yard, and give each landscape design a wow effect. We believe that every space should be tailored to our client's wants and needs, and we are here to offer guidance and expertise every step of the way.

In addition to the residential and commercial landscaping services, we also provide several outdoor landscape maintenance services and cleanup services. 

> Design

> Maintenance
> Mulching
> Planting beds
> Shrubs and bushes

> Trees and flowers
> Soil improvement
> Low-maintenance 
> Drought-tolerant 
> Grading and resloping

two adirondack chairs sitting on a custom paver patio with beautiful landscape design surrounding include trees, plants, landscape lighting, and stones
custom paver patio for mechanicsburg pa client with freshly mulched flower beds surrounding it
Cracked Concrete Wall

Mulching Services

Mulching your landscape beds provides a range of benefits for your plants and soil. Mulch helps to retain moisture, suppress weeds, regulate soil temperature, and improve soil fertility by slowly breaking down and releasing nutrients. It also serves as a protective layer against erosion and helps to reduce soil compaction.


Additionally, and often more importantly, mulch can enhance the visual appeal of your landscape design by providing a uniform and neat appearance to your garden beds. 

beautiful garden beds in full bloom designed and maintained by Potted Luck Landscape
luxury landscape design with several large slabs of stone, trees, flowers, and black mulch
custom luxury landscape design aerial photo of Potted Luck Landscape client's Mechanicsburg PA home
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