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Meet our sister company, National Planter Supply!

Hello again, and welcome back! We hope you enjoyed getting to know the owner and lead landscaper of Potted Luck Landscaping, Elmer. If you've had the chance to work with Potted Luck Landscaping, you've come to witness the attention to detail and artisan touches that go into every landscaping and hardscaping project we complete. What some clients and future clients don't know, is that we have a sister company! Our sister company, National Planter Supply, has been in the business of creating outdoor sanctuaries for over a decade. From patios with fire pits and built-in grills to beautiful, low-maintenance landscape design and installation, the passion for our client projects and attention to detail are unparalleled. One of National Planter Supply's many outstanding products includes the variety of beautiful planters which offer low-maintenance floral designs and automatic irrigation locally in the Harrisburg, PA region. Throughout all seasons, these planters can be changed out to match your seasonal décor. In the winter months, the holiday planters are absolutely stunning with winter greens.

National Planter Supply

Pictured left is a stunning National Planter Supply corten steel planter in full bloom with beautiful touches of color and foliage variety. Corten steel (sometimes known as weathered steel) is a group of steel alloys that are often used in outdoor construction. Corten steel was designed to eliminate the need for painting and if left outside, exposed to the elements, they will develop a rusted appearance in just a few months. This rusted appearance offers a futuristic and eclectic vibe to any outdoor oasis. Corten steel can be shaped and molded into many different planter styles as well as other products, like mailboxes!

More than just quality work, the National Planter Supply team delivers their projects on-time and within budget, and they truly care about bringing their client’s landscaping dreams to life. Plus, they are friendly folks who genuinely love what they do. We take pride in our work, and it shows. The owner of National Planter Supply, Elmer, is a true artist. He approaches every project with a fresh creative eye and a firm grasp on what his client wants and needs. Form and function always perfectly intersect to provide a level of eye catching beauty while achieving the goals of the client. Below is a more recent example of a completed corten steel mailbox with some very unique rust weathering patterns.

National Planter Supply

All National Planter Supply products are made in America and complete with a lifetime warranty. If you aren't a fan of the rust weathering, we also offer powder coated steel for a more uniform finish. If you aren't familiar, powder coating is an electrostatic powder that is applied, and heated to cure. Compared to liquid paint, powder coating is more resistant to weather, scratches, and scuffs. Our project turnaround times are highly dependent on the project scale at hand. Custom orders must take into account the variables that impact shipment time, such as project size, complexity, projected completion/due date, etc. Turnaround time for straightforward jobs and common sizes is around two weeks. Check out the powder coating finish on these twin planters below;

National Planter Supply

We give customers the freedom to choose from several planter options to order whatever design and material they want. Our collections include Corten steel planters in various shapes and sizes, from value lines to high-end items. We introduce new planter designs regularly in response to market trends and customer demand, and they must also meet all of our stringent quality control and design criteria. Whether you need one planter for a landscaping project or several loads for your retail business, we provide first-rate service.If you're in need of custom planters, visit our website and fill out a brief contact form to let us know what you're looking for. We will reach out to gain a better idea of the scope of your project and get the magic started! If you have a chance, check out our Instagram account @nationalplantersupply and scroll through some of our posts to get a visual on some of the many possibilities that come with corten steel planters.

Visit our website: National Planter Supply for more details!

National Planter Supply


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